Service learning trips









The major goal of the service learning experience is to provide individuals with an opportunity to undertake an intensive and focused study, often in a field setting, as a means of broadening, deepening, mastering, and integrating knowledge and skill in their of interest.  Developed as a clinical service learning trip to meet the diverse goals of the adult learner; students will learn about healthcare delivery in both rural and urban health clinics all under the supervision of Moroccan Healthcare Professionals.

Primary goalis to assist the participates in developing skills in critical thinking in relation to global health issues in Morocco. Critical thinking to determine the meaning and significance of what is being presented, expressed, or observed and then reflecting with an open mind, coming to an unbiased conclusion.

Global Health Service Learning is designed to examine the major global health challenges and introduce participants to the vast diversity of the health care delivery system in rural and urban in Morocco.  Participants experience a wide range of personal, social, religious, epidemiological, technological and economic factors that influence healthcare in Morocco. This hands-on learning experience provides an opportunity to gain, apply, and integrate knowledge and skill through participation in presentations at universities and hospitals as well as group discussions.  Participants will be exposed to Islam, culture, art, history through activities, visits and presentations and its relation to health.  This experience provides participants with an opportunity to interact with culturally diverse individuals, families and groups in a community setting, while promoting the health and well-being of vulnerable populations.

There will also be opportunities to experience amazing food, sights seeing, hiking, beaches, surfing, shopping, and culture.

Rural Health Clinics - The participants spend time in service learning health clinics that are held in the villages.  The healthcare professionals perform ultrasounds, screenings for blood pressure, blood sugar, Hepatitis C, HIV, breast cancer and physicians conduct medical consultations as well as distribute medicine at these clinic settings.  There is also a dental hygiene clinic where fluoride treatments are provided. They will have opportunities to assist by showing the children how to brush their teeth and presenting them with new toothbrushes and toothpaste at the end of the clinic.  During this time participants have the opportunities to live in the village and eat and socialize with the residents.

Urban Health Clinics – Participants spend time observing, attending presentations and lectures in private clinics and public hospitals to learn more about health care delivery system in a developing Nation.



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