Southwest Morocco is a semi-arid area where water is so scarce it is referred to as "white gold". Water is one of the basic human needs of life required not only by the inhabitants of the area but by the plants and animals needed to sustain life in the area. 

Volunteer Morocco has been involved in a number of projects related to making water available to the people living in Southwest Morocco.

  • Digging Wells - A water well is an excavation created in the ground by digging, driving, boring or drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers.

Volunteer Morocco is now working on the issue of the lack of access to an adequate water supply. The search for water continues thanks to a collaboration with Dr. Boutalb from the University of Ibn Zohr, Agadir City.  Dr. Boutalb developed with his research team a technique that consists of combining two methods, remote sensing with geophysics in order to search for water.  Using this novel technique of remote sensing and tomography, our team will be able to locate new aquifers to provide water to nearby communities.  This method has been proven to be highly accurate in pinpointing the exact location of water resources. 

  • Cisterns are used to collect and store rainwater and rainwater runoff.  The rainwater is purified as it is filtered through sand prior to its entry into the cistern.  Volunteer Morocco has been involved with the building, repairing and filling during drought periods of these waterproof underground storage units.  They provide drinking water to entire communities in the rural villages of Morocco. 

Aziz El Madi of Volunteer Morocco checks the water levels in the village cistern.

As mentioned above, Volunteer Morocco has provided water to the rural community during drought years.  In 2008 the first donation was sponsored by student volunteer, Julia Secker-Walker, in memory of her grandfathers.  Volunteer Morocco in collaboration with Riade Imsouane Association and Jamatte Imsouane distributed a total of48 tons of water to three villages.

  • Drip Irrigration  - During August 2008, Volunteer Morocco began a drip irrigation system project in Riade Imsouane, a rural Moroccan village 80 km north of Agadir.

The drip irrigation system was demonstrated by MIT graduate student Zahir Dossa, a PhD candidate in the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning and Chris Hudgens, agraduate from Brown University.  Southern Morocco, like many other parts of Africa, is challenged by desertification and a semi-arid climate that limits crop production. 


Donations are welcome to assist with these Water Projects and ensure that clean water is available to all.