Volunteer Morocco’s Volunteers, who are  Medical Personnel and students in the medical field, spend a week interning in private clinics and public hospitals to learn more about health  care delivery system in a developing Nation.

Those participating in the trip are able to work on projects depending on their experience. In the past, our nurses and more experienced students/volunteers gave shots, sutured, delivered babies, prepared prescriptions, checked blood pressure, blood sugar, started IVs, etc. They were able to work directly with doctors, nurses and pharmacists.








The students visited a local pharmacy, worked with pharmacists to distribute medicine, met with Agadir's  Moroccan Pharmaceutical Professional Association, were given a tour of a pharmaceutical distribution center, and then put on protective clothing to tour a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

The students also spend the week exploring the city of Agadir, the souks (traditional markets), museums, coffee houses, the beautiful beaches of Agadir and many other wonderful sights and food of the area.