Wesleyan University students Brent Packer and Hichem Hadjeres approached Volunteer Morocco for assistance in a research project they wished to conduct on water management in Morocco.  Their paper "Understanding elasticity in the field: the impact of access and prices on water demand in Morocco" reports the findings of their research on conservation of water in drought-prone areas.

By researching both the regional sociopolitical and water utility infrastructure, a successful village wide water management pilot was developed and implemented with the collaboration with local leaders who reached out to the public and UNEP, the regional water utility that provide water usage data of individual homes. Using the data, a water conservation baseline was developed for each individual home and monitored daily and weekly water usage in order to determine individual household water use relative to the baseline. If households used less water than the baseline, they were presented with financial rewards at a rate of one dirham per ten liters conserved.