The Reading Room Project is a program that provides school-aged children in small, rural villages in the countryside of Morocco access to books and learning materials similar to what is found in a library. 





Volunteer Morocco opened its first Reading Room/Library in Riad Jr High School.

The Reading Room also provides a space for training seminars and meetings for the villagers'

Sponsorship of a Reading Room provides students with access to computers and the internet in addition to books.  The sponsorship will also furnish the room with tables, chairs, a projector and other items essential to improving the learning experience.

As can be seen from the following inspiration story, sponsorship is not difficult.






Myriam Assaadi, a McLean, Virginia high school sophomore, sponsors a Reading Room to honor her grandfather.  She calls her project "Lahcen's Legacy." For her 16th birthday, in lieu of gifts, Myriam Assaadi has requested donations be made to her Morocco "project." Her wish is to build something to honor the memory of her grandfather, Lahcen Assaadi, and his ancestral village south of Agadir, called Tioute. As an elected "delegate", Mr. Assaadi was instrumental in bringing the main road to the oasis village as well as other improvements notably plumbing and electricity in the late 1970's.   

Anyone who would like to sponsor a Reading Room should contract Volunteer Morocco.  This would be a wonderful program for an individual, school or youth group to sponsor.